I am writing this at 3 in the morning, I have an exam coming up in a few hours, I cannot get myself to sleep. A good person would be counting sheep by now. I chose to write a blog entry on this site. I must be crazy.

I haven't been writing any articles as of late, and there are still quite a few a lot of characters to go; there's no article on Maria, Harumi, Jun, Ikkyu, or Chie-sensei yet; I forgot to include Ai and the rest of the Itoshiki family. There are tons of characters I am leaving out, I know, but if the past few weeks is any indication, it'll be at least a month before I consider the wiki somewhat decent, and that's not including all the other sections that might be wanted at this wiki.

Other than more character pages, some other pages I plan to write (though if anyone is reading this, feel free to write it up already if I haven't already done so; and if I have gotten to it by then, feel free to add your two cents):

  • Setting of SZS: I plan to simply use what Wikipedia has to say about this (though I don't plan to copy and paste the entire thing).
  • Manga chapter summaries: I currently have all 5 volumes that have been translated into English as of now; if anyone is willing to give a summary of a chapter that has not been officially translated into English, that will be appreciated. **though if you wish to help out with any of the chapters, that will also be appreciated.
  • Anime episode summaries: I have seen all the episodes and all the OVAs; again, if you want to help, go ahead already.
    • Freeze frames: basically, all the stuff that appears on screen for a fraction of a second; I recently rewatched the very first episode trying to get all of that and the blackboard messages; it was tedious, but it was worth it, as those things are kinda funny; you'd like them too if you like the written blog Kumeta provides at the end of each volume, they have the same tone.
    • Can be lumped with the next category:
  • (Pop) Cultural references: as I said in my first entry, this is something I'd like to see on this wiki. The entire series practically runs on this, so including this would really helpful to someone wanting to make sense of the series (not that it actually does make sense, at least most of the time).

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