• Cleaverguy

    it's been a while...

    April 10, 2010 by Cleaverguy

    Hello everyone! How are you? Fine, thank you.

    I've been busy offline for the past couple of weeks, mostly school work. So progress on this wiki is slow, really slow. The feeling that very few people are aware of the existence of this wiki has left me in despair; I can only do so much at a time, and many hands make light work. But hopefully, getting this project running will give Zetsubou sensei another reason to despair.

    Apparently, Media Blasters has recently lincensed the first season of the anime, and the DVD will come out soon (probably in May). I'm guessing that it'll be dubbed, and if that is the case I wonder who's going to be on the cast. (I'm especially curious as to who will voice Nozomu) Hopefully, it will be subbed as well; it's …

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  • Cleaverguy

    There is this one clip I found on Youtube where Zetsubou proclaims to all his students he has gone missing. (I don't remember which episode this is from.) He even claims it feels good and that everyone should try it at least once.

    I have recently tried that; it was fun. (Don't worry though, I wasn't missing for more than 48 hours) It gives you some clarity of mind and spirit, which given the hectic pace society runs on nowadays is a huge blessing. Trust me, it's worth it.

    Anyway, I have started up the summary of the manga chapters, currently under the "Manga" page. Yeah, the title of the page is just "manga", you can't get any more bland than that. Hopefully, someone can come up with a better page title; I absolutely suck at coming up with t…

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  • Cleaverguy

    Just made a page for "Hito toshite jiku ga bureteiru" (the first OP of the first season of the anime, just a fyi for curious newcomers). No translation yet, just a romanized version of the lyrics. (Is there a page that supplies the actual Japanese? I'm curious to know if there is one.)

    I'm starting to feel like slacking off, like Komachi. Ferrying souls over the Sanzu to Higan now seems easier than what I am currently trying to do, which is attempting to jumpstart a wiki.

    I have the impression that people reading this may think the wiki is my digital property or something. I just want to say now that this wiki belongs to Wikia & was founded by Calvinxbao. All I want to leave my mark on this wiki and get proper credit for it, though I do per…

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  • Cleaverguy

    A study in despair

    March 19, 2010 by Cleaverguy

    I want to make the main page a bit more attractive to visitors, mainly by linking to category pages and including a brief descriptive summary of the series. Unfortunately, the main page is currently locked. Now I want to contact Calvinxbao, currently the only admin, and ask him to unlock that page. Unfortunately, to my surprise, his user talk page is locked too. Now I have to wait for an indefinite period of time.

    Speaking of things wanting to be done, I should go back to all the pages I've written up and insert links to other pages; there aren't many of course, but the summaries I've written are more stand-alone, and the only articles that do have pages are those of characters.

    A lot to do, but hopefully a lot will be realized.

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  • Cleaverguy

    As I lie awake...

    March 17, 2010 by Cleaverguy

    I am writing this at 3 in the morning, I have an exam coming up in a few hours, I cannot get myself to sleep. A good person would be counting sheep by now. I chose to write a blog entry on this site. I must be crazy.

    I haven't been writing any articles as of late, and there are still quite a few a lot of characters to go; there's no article on Maria, Harumi, Jun, Ikkyu, or Chie-sensei yet; I forgot to include Ai and the rest of the Itoshiki family. There are tons of characters I am leaving out, I know, but if the past few weeks is any indication, it'll be at least a month before I consider the wiki somewhat decent, and that's not including all the other sections that might be wanted at this wiki.

    Other than more character pages, some other page…

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