Manami Ookusa
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Name Kanji 大草麻菜実
Gender Female
Seiyū Kikuko Inoue

A married high-schooler who works multiple jobs to pay off her husband's debts. Her name derives from okusama-nami (奥様な身, "a married person") It is revealed in episode 5 of Zan that her husband is unfaithful and she's aware of it. A running gag from her is that whenever she contribute to the topic of the chapter, it would always lead to her saying it's okay not to pay the debts, in which Itoshiki would retort saying that it's better to pay. As she is considered a mother, she has a screwed maternal instincts that usually leads to kidnapping various people on the topic of the chapter. She was able to "hostage" all of these people in an expensive mansion saying that she has a beneficiary, in which Itoshiki retorted that it's better to use the money to pay back her debt instead. It was also revealed that she has tried multiple times to divorce her husband but was unable to. In one chapter when she becomes a personification of a herb, Itoshiki tries to dry her but was arrested because of a pun of her name which spells out marijuana, a substance highly illegal in Japan.


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