Kaere Kimura
Name Kanji 木村カエレ
Gender Female

Kimura Kaere, student no. 18 of class 2-F, has dissociative identity disorder. Kaere seems to be a blond foreigner originally from the overseas class, though exactly which country she is from is unspecified.

She tends to be critical of Japanese culture, remark on the strange gestures and customs of her home country, and make lawsuits against a number of characters. At first she appeared to be American from her responses, but later on her remarks appear more bizarre. She once admitted to having only spent three months of her life away from Japan.

Her alter is named Kaede, a mild-mannered yamato nadeshiko ("ideal Japanese woman"); her dissociative identity disorder developed due to the conflicting cultural differences of Japan and her home country.

Kaere sounds similar to the imperative form of the verb kaeru, "to return" or "to go back", and it can serve as a trigger for her alter to front. Her name may also be a reference to Japanese-British idol Kaela Kimura. She is also the source of most of the panty shots in the series.


  • Named after Kaela Kimura.


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